Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

Ignoring your taxes can lead to the IRS addressing them for you, in ways you might not appreciate. Enforced collection of taxes often takes the form of an IRS wage garnishment. The IRS can decide how much of your monthly income it needs to pay off your debt, and then begin taking a percentage of your paycheck. While limits on the percentage the IRS can take exist, you can still be left with very little money. Often times, your employer will fail to provide the necessary forms to fill out which would limit the amount the IRS can keep, leading to wage garnishments upward of 75 percent of your check.

When the IRS decides how much of your paycheck to take, they don’t take into account how much money you actually spend on necessities. Instead, they rely on tables of allowable expenses which they’ve compiled. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, IRS wage garnishment deductions can leave you without enough money to pay your rent.

Negotiating IRS Wage Garnishment With Detaxify

There are solutions to your tax problems that allow you to avoid IRS wage garnishment. Installment payment plans and settlement offers both accomplish the same thing as wage garnishment. When installment plans or settlement offers are negotiated by tax professionals, your needs are much more likely to be taken into account.

We can negotiate with the IRS for you to set up a payment plan that will satisfy the IRS. Our tax professionals can ensure that installment payments are within your means. In short, we give you a voice in the payment of your taxes. Our Detaxify team has recently helped nearly 2000 people pay the IRS only 10 percent of their debt! This is accomplished by presenting the IRS with an offer in compromise. The qualification and negotiation processes for offers in compromise are complex. At Detaxify, we understand these rules and can determine if you can take advantage of an offer in compromise. If you need help with your tax debt, let Detaxify take the reins by calling us today for your free confidential consultation!

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