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    Are you in debt to the IRS?
    Are back taxes becoming a heavy burden on your life?
    Receiving Letters From the IRS

    You know this very well if you have an unresolved tax issue. When you retain a tax professional, we file an IRS Power of Attorney (Form 2848) for us to take over all communications with the IRS. You can rest assured we will receive your IRS letters and handle them without you needing to stress.

    Owe the IRS Back Taxes

    If you have filed years of back taxes resulting in unpaid taxes, it is essential to evaluate your options and to consider settlement options which may be available to you. It is essential to make arrangements with the IRS or state tax authority in order to avoid your account being placed into collections.

    Having Your Wages Garnished

    The IRS and state tax authorities are unforgiving when it comes to wage garnishments. With the IRS, if you’re single without dependents, they can garnish your entire paycheck and leave you with only $469.23 on a bi-weekly basis. It’s essential to get on a tax resolution plan to stop a wage garnishment and to prevent further collection action from the IRS or state tax authority.

    Having Liens Filed Against You

    Ignoring the IRS can result in having Federal Tax Liens filed against you. This becomes public record available for access in the county which it was filed. This can result in you being prevented from selling a home, selling other assets, obtaining a loan, and it may negatively impact your credit. Obtain tax relief sooner than later in order to prevent an IRS tax lien from being filed against you.

    Bank Levy

    In unresolved collection cases, the IRS or state tax authority can seize funds from your bank account which can even result in your bank account being frozen or blocked. If you’re facing a bank levy, we may be able to get the bank levy released and to put you in compliance to avoid any future bank levies.

    Under Audit

    If you are undergoing an audit from the IRS or state tax authority, we strongly urge you to seek representation. The tax law at times can be complex – it is highly recommended to obtain professional representation in order to best protect your interests and to obtain the best result possible.

    Payroll Taxes

    Unfiled or unpaid payroll taxes in a business can result in a tax liability that is assessed against you personally. The IRS and state tax authority takes unpaid payroll taxes very seriously – they will shut down a business by seizing assets if you do not negotiate a compliance plan.

    Have Years of Unfiled Returns

    Do you have years and years of unfiled returns? Whether it’s twenty years of unfiled returns or a single year – we are experts in obtaining past information you need including Wage & Income transcripts for us to be able to file your back taxes. Getting you compliant with unfiled taxes is a key part of obtaining tax relief.

    We strongly recommend you to take pro-active action today in order to resolve your IRS problems or issues with your state tax authority. Letting the problem sit will only make it worse and more costly in both time and fees necessary to resolve the issue. Take action TODAY and obtain peace of mind in resolving your tax issues. Tax relief is obtainable to anyone who makes an effort.

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