Detaxify started with the mission of helping individuals and companies obtain resolutions to their IRS problems and tax issues. Detaxify specifically puts a focus on tax resolution and specializes in various tax problems such as wage garnishments, IRS tax liens, unfiled back taxes, bank levies, and various other tax related issues.

Detaxify is a pioneer in the tax resolution field by creating a modernized solution backed by years of experience. Only professionals licensed by a state authority are representing and handling cases for clients. Our professionals have expertise in the tax resolution and maintain a superior level of service focused on customer satisfaction.

Detaxify employees are members of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. ASTPS certification is only granted to tax relief professionals such as CPAs, Tax Attorneys, or Enrolled Agents who are in current standing with the states that license them. Our professionals meet the education, experience, and examination requirements which are issued by the ASTPS.

Meet the Resolution Specialist

CEO Portrait

John A. Zandi has helped numerous clients with their financial and tax problems – fighting for and representing people before the Internal Revenue Service is his passion. As the CEO of Detaxify, he personally engages in every case and tracks your case from start to finish.  He is admitted to the U.S. Tax Court – less than 0.8% of CPAs in the U.S. are admitted to the U.S. Tax Court as a non-attorney, due to the extremely difficult nature of obtaining admittance. John also has a background in wealth management, asset management, and business advisory. He has worked in Los Angeles, Austin, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland and has provided representation to clients not only in the United States but also to Americans living abroad across the world. John is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of New York and Texas.

Detaxify was found specifically to help clients with tax resolution. Located on Wall Street from the heart of the financial capital in New York, our passion is to get people’s lives back in order.

We are growing every day and our number one focus is client satisfaction – we want to provide the best tax resolution service in the United States and to keep our service attainable to everyone.

Our mission

  • Providing the best customer service to our clients in tax resolution industry
  • Employ state-of-the-art technology and software to analyze the best solutions for our clients
  • Giving our clients the tools to get their life back on track
  • Provide guidance to prevent tax problems from reoccurring in the future
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I was in dire straits with the IRS. My business owed over $35k in taxes and more in penalties. One could say my business existence was “toxic.” I was looking for help one night, I saw this ad to “Detaxify” my situation. I thought the phrase was super catchy and did some preliminary background research on John and his company. I reached out that night, and he personally called me back… THAT NIGHT. We had a plan of action in a matter of days! Picking up the phone to call John was the best business decision I’ve made in years. He not only helped me resolve my issues (saving me and my company THOUSANDS), he’s got me (and my company) compliant and on the path to making my company healthy and stable. No matter the issue, Detaxify has the solution!

Chad M.
Film Producer, New York City

We look forward to providing you the best tax debt resolution
anywhere in the United States