I was in dire straits with the IRS. My business owed over $35k in taxes and more in penalties. One could say my business existence was “toxic.” I was looking for help one night, I saw this ad to “Detaxify” my situation. I thought the phrase was super catchy and did some preliminary background research on John and his company. I reached out that night, and he personally called me back… THAT NIGHT. We had a plan of action in a matter of days! Picking up the phone to call John was the best business decision I’ve made in years. He not only helped me resolve my issues (saving me and my company THOUSANDS), he’s got me (and my company) compliant and on the path to making my company healthy and stable. No matter the issue, Detaxify has the solution!

Chad M.
Film Producer, New York City

I owed the IRS roughly $50k due to unfiled payroll tax returns. Our previous bookkeeper did not follow up with 940s and 941s which we had to file for our business and I had not properly managed the deposits with the IRS. The situation spiraled out of control as I had penalties and interest assessed on top of my liability; the IRS was threatening to close down the business. Detaxify really saved the day by getting my penalties abated and representing me before the IRS – the resolution was found where I kept my business and I saved thousands.

Sam E.
Event Producer, St. Louis

A very good friend of mine recommended John to me. I am quite glad my friend did. When I spoke to John, he was friendly, professional, and, most of all, nonjudgmental. His simple response to me was “people go through stuff.”

The New York State tax people are vicious and rude. The thing I Ioved about John was that he knew when to be nice, and he knew when to push back hard. Quite simply, he’s fearless. That’s exactly what you need when dealing with them.

Richard P.
Attorney, New York City

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