Passport Revocation with IRS debts

Did you know the IRS has the right to put your travel plans on hold? 

It’s true, and it can be painful for those who planned and looked forward to a getaway for so long. It can especially be life-changing for those who depend on their passport to visit family overseas or travel for work.

Here’s what you need to know about Passport Revocation with IRS debts:

-Under the FAST Act, the IRS is authorized to identify taxpayers with “seriously delinquent tax debt” ($52k or higher) and certify them to the State Department for passport consequences.

-This situation can sometimes be resolved without petitioning the US Tax Court. Our team of professionals would be happy to speak with you to help you navigate whether or not you qualify.

-There are certain exceptions to the law, like those living in a federally declared disaster area or victims of identity theft. 

-A revoked passport can result in being denied access to other countries.

-Even while abroad, a revoked passport can result in allowing you to only fly back home directly.

-It may require petitioning to the US Tax Court.

Less than 0.8% of CPAs in the U.S. are admitted as a non-attorney, due to the extremely difficult nature of obtaining admittance. If your case requires you to petition with the US Tax Court, we are one of the rare companies that would be able to help you from start to finish being that our founder, John Zandi, was proudly admitted in 2019. 

Individuals with significant tax debt should act promptly to avoid the revocation of passports. To assess your situation and to determine if you qualify for tax relief, contact us for a free consultation.